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Undergraduate degree or equivalent. For this master's programme you need a subject-specific undergraduate degree (minimum 6 semesters/180 ECTS-Credits) or an equivalent degree. The bachelor's grade final over allpoint grade must be GOOD or higher (German and … Their profound knowledge of philology and other Liberal Arts allows them to continue their education at post-graduate school or to master new professional skills in some related areas. We offer full-time 5-year Specialist’s Degree programs in various fields of philology and part-time 6-year Specialist’s Degree program in Russian philology.

Philology degree

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Some of the highly recommended fields include linguistics, classics, Pursue a master’s degree in philology – With this credential, you can find work as a classics teachers in high schools Philology degree. Philology (from Anc. Greek “word+love”) is one of the language disciplines, which studies literacy texts and written records in the context of linguistics, literature and history. Linguistics is sometimes defined as the most “technical” part of philology, in comparison with literary criticism and history. Philology.

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Students · Trade Union Committee of Students and Postgraduate Students · Employment opportunities for students and graduates · Optional Possibilities. 6 Apr 2021 What is Philology? Philology pertains to the field of studies devoted to the study and definition of the history of the world as a whole through its  The Department awards a degree in three specializations: Classical Philology, Medieval and Modern Greek Philology and Linguistics. Compulsory minimum  You can now create your Europass profile and download Europass CVs! Please note that there still may be minor visual issues on the templates.

Philology degree

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Philology degree

Degree Programmes taught in Finnish. English Philology: Bachelor of Arts. Research Status: Completed/published.

Philology degree

Contact Schools Directly - Compare 7 Bachelor's Programs in Philology 2021 Degree Level: B.S. in a related field; master's degree and a Ph.D. in Philology recommended for advancement: Degree Field: Philology, a specialized field combining history and linguistics. Both degrees, moreover, include training in highly transferable skills, and graduates have gone on to a wide variety of careers both inside academia and in alt-ac fields like secondary education, academic publishing, etc. Classical philology is the scholarly study and interpretation of ancient Greek and Latin literature.
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English Philology: Bachelor of Arts.

This is misleading  for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Classical Philology. chair of department: Antonios Augoustakis. director of graduate studies: Ariana Traill. department  The Latin Studies degree programme, more precisely described as Latin Philology, is devoted to the study of Latin texts that have been handed down from   273-FZ "On Education in the Russian Federation", persons with a secondary general education are admitted to study Bachelor's degree programmes.
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Philology is a multilevel science, open to many connections, from the restoration of a text to its most thorough interpretation, personalized in as many parts as the number of texts under study, but methodologically unified and open to the theory of artistic language, literature and history of ideas. Classical Philology Major Requirements 24 advanced credits.

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The curriculum indicates the subjects for the degree and their nature (basic, required, electives, etc.), the number of credits for each subject, etc. Topics are divided into subjects, which Philology is the study of language in written historical sources; as such it is a combination of literary studies, history and linguistics.English Studies is an academic discipline that includes the (production and) study of literatures written in the English language, English linguistics, and English sociolinguistics. Degree: Master of Arts (M.A.) Standard period of study: 4 semesters Start: Summer and winter semester Part-time studies possible Degree programme options: Single Honours MA in German Studies/German Philology (78 C); Joint Honours MA in German Studies/German Philology (42 C); module packages: German Studies/German Philology as MA minor subjects In order to attain the Master's degree in Modern Philology, the candidates will have to possess and demonstrate broad knowledge and solid competence in the areas of literature and philology, and they will have to reach and exhibit full awareness of the issues intrinsic in the production of critical editions, both in a mediaeval and a modern or contemporary context. The bachelor's degree in Catalan Philology offers specialised training in Catalan language and literature, connected to its society, history and its relations with other cultures. In connection with disciplines such as the humanities and sciences and with the aid of new technologies, this bachelor's degree prepares you to become a professional in research, teaching, language assessment Philology.

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Today we find that philology, the comparative study of languages, generally not been recognised as equivalent to this degree but to the degree in Filologia  You have a Bachelor's degree in Swedish, Journalism, Linguistics, Professional Writing, Language consultancy or another equivalent field… Linnéuniversitetet  The scholarship is addressed to students who held a 1st class MA-degree either in Egyptology, Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, Greek Philology, Latin  T Shirt Women Philology Degree Harajuku Print Kawaii Tshirt Summer Short Sleeve Female T-Shirt Top Tee – försäljning av produkter till låga pris,  , , associated prof.prof. Professor. Email: balandina.n.f@opu.ua. Master's Degree in German Studies and Eastern European Studies, Bachelor's Degree in Philology, degree with honors, Kherson National  av E Pettersson · 2013 · Citerat av 44 — Department of Linguistics and Philology, Uppsala University, Sweden and a variety of challenges; such as to deal with a high degree of spelling variation.

A master's degree is a postgraduate academic degree. One must already have an undergraduate degree to apply for a master's program. Most master's degree program would require students to complete a master's thesis or research paper. Contact Schools Directly - Compare 3 Masters Degrees in Philology 2021 Pursue a master’s degree in philology – With this credential, you can find work as a classics teachers in high schools; Pursue a doctorate in philology – You can specialize in fields such as classical philology and English philology. Only a few US universities offer graduate programs in philology.