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Austria is approximately 83,871 sq km, while Denmark is approximately 43,094 sq km, making Denmark 51.38% the size of Austria. Meanwhile, the population of Austria is ~8.9 million people (3.0 million fewer people live in Denmark). This to-scale map shows a size comparison of Austria compared to The area originally specified for the tønde land (14,000 square alen) is assigned, not to the tønde hartkorn, but to the smaller tønde sædeland. According to one source ( Klimpert's Lexikon, 2nd edition, page 386), an order of 20 January 1788 made the tønde hartkorn 2.83 hectares (5.66 in wooded areas), 1.935 ha in Bornholm, in the islands 5.5 ha, and in Jutland an average of 14.5 hectares.

Denmark area size

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The largest island of Denmark is Zealand, or Sjaelland, which is more than 7,000 square kilometers in land area. The Schengen Area has a population of almost 420 million people and an area of 4,312,099 square kilometres (1,664,911 sq mi). About 1.7 million people commute to work across an internal European border each day, and in some regions these people constitute up to a third of the workforce. 2006-09-25 Denmark is approximately 43,094 sq km, while Canada is approximately 9,984,670 sq km, making Canada 23,070% larger than Denmark. Meanwhile, the population of Denmark is ~5.9 million people (31.8 million more people live in Canada). This to-scale map shows a size comparison of … United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, while Denmark is approximately 43,094 sq km, making Denmark 17.69% the size of United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the population of United Kingdom is ~65.8 million people (59.9 million fewer people live in Denmark).

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This page provides - Denmark House Price Index - actual Land area (sq. km) from The World Bank: Data. This site uses cookies to optimize functionality and give you the best possible experience. Denmark: Administrative Division Contents: Regions and Municipalities The population of the regions and municipalities in Denmark according to official estimates.

Denmark area size

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Denmark area size

All projects we invest in have requirements of societal engagement, transparency , education and ethics. Compared to other investors Innovation Fund Denmark's  that the fish stocks in the Danish waters are sustained and that fishing does not take place in specially protected areas with vulnerable nature or stocks of fish.

Denmark area size

water: 660 sq km. note: includes the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea and the rest of metropolitan Denmark (the Jutland Peninsula, and the major islands of Sjaelland and Fyn), but excludes the Faroe Islands and Greenland. Definition: This entry includes three subfields. The smaller entities are compared with Washington, DC (178 sq km, 69 sq mi) or The Mall in Washington, DC (0.59 sq km, 0.23 sq mi, 146 acres). Source: CIA World Factbook - This page was last updated on Friday, November 27, 2020. Area codes are included in the phone numbers! Calling from Denmark you dial: 00 (international code)+country code+phone number.

Architect Jeppe Dueholm … Continue reading →. Item no.

Moose One Moose even swam from Sweden to Denmark once! Danish cinemas, cinema screens and seating capacity.
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Entries in this list include, but are not limited to, those in the ISO 3166-1 standard, which includes sovereign states and dependent territories.

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#Denmark#Lomonosov Denmark claims an Arctic region 20 times its size The mainland of Denmark itself claims over 16,000 square miles, but altogether the totality of Denmark's size is almost nine hundred thousand square miles  28 Jun 2019 The Kingdom of Denmark has, despite its relatively small size, punched above its weight The Nyhavn harbour area of Copenhagen.

However, it cannot be stated exactly since the ocean constantly erodes and adds material to the coastline, and there are human land reclamation projects. A Nordic country in Northern Europe, Denmark occupies an area of 42,933 km 2 (16,577 sq mi).